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Lower Back and Neck Hernia Treatment with Laser

Lower Back and Neck Hernia Treatment with Laser
  • Last Update: 08/08/2022


It is an attempt to decompress lower back and neck hernias using laser beams. It is used as the gold standard in the treatment of small hernias.

In the operating room conditions, the area to be lesion is confirmed by entering the disc tissue causing the hernia with a thin needle, accompanied by patient imaging devices, which are prepared under completely sterile conditions. The assembly of the cables that transmit the LASER beams to the disc through this guide needle is completed and the process begins, completed in approximately 2 minutes. This application, which is painless, without scalpel, without anesthesia, is an effective method, and some of the hernia tissue is evaporated and dissolved. Thanks to the shrinking disc, patients get rid of hernia.

We send the patients home 1 hour after this intervention. We discharge our patients with bed rest for 2 days, and especially in the first week, we advise them to not to stand up long time and not to lift heavy. It is a very effective method under certain conditions and the success rate is around 90%.

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